Natchitoches Central Chiefs Anthem

by Prodigal Soldiers Ministries

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This is the first ever official NCHS Chiefs song. We had to do it! Hit us up on Facebook/ Prodigal Soldiers Ministries


Bush Baby Verse 1:
Cross ‘em to the left, Cross ‘em to the right
Out of sight I’m gone to the lane I’m on
Don’t think that you can come into our home
And get it easy believe me we the Chiefs you got it wrong
When you hearing this anthem yeah that be Natchitoches Central song
And when you hearing them horns then it won’t be long
Class of ’04 and I’m full of Chief pride
Yeah we ball in my city we known for more than meat pies

C# Verse 2:
So when we step up in the gym don't be fooled by the looks
Cause we wrecking on the court and stars in the books
We the defending champs, that's just simple and plain
It’s the Natchitoches Central Chiefs and we aint playing no games
We leave it all on the court cause we play with a standard
It's game time and you about to get all you can handle
Man the whole school amped they got basketball fever
You can call us athletes but we natural born leaders

Mr. UHateme Verse 3:
Home of the brave paved ways, trail blazed since ninth grade
Had to leave but still wore my maroon and gold on my jersey
Competition please you motivate me to achieve
Just like a chief, bloodline of a champion
Won't settle for less than number one
Putting Nat Town on the map son
We stand tall, yall run hide cuz when we come through
We ride, slide by victorious guys Chiefs baby it's do or die

Reborn Verse 4:
Step in the gym find a seat with the urgency
The others looking scared like they just saw an emergency
Losing not an option that's evening much concerning me
Cuz when they bring team in we can see who acting nervously
Game faces on defense going hard
Team spirit in the air another win on the card
Other teams be playing games when they out here on the court
But the Chiefs take it to heart cuz it's more then just a sport


released December 3, 2010
Bush Baby and C# on da track!



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Prodigal Soldiers Ministries Natchitoches, Louisiana

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